2021 Sustainable Town Planing

Welcome Message & Keynote

Commissioner Tim G. Echols,
Georgia Public Service Commission

What does Sustainability mean to you? Commissioner Tim Echols from the Georgia Public Service Commission educates on the advanced projects and technologies that Georgia has explored, and what elements create a sustainable community.

More Sessions

Panel II: Innovation & Technology Roundtable

This panel provides innovative advancements in technology and the many advantages that come with it. Through data collection, vulnerability assessments, and more, cities can determine which smart city techniques they need to implement to create a Sustainable and Resilient City.

From Vision to Implementation: Developing a Sense of Place

This panel highlights the connected, walkable, and mixed use land within Pensacola- Giving the community places to live, work, play and learn. The goals and master plans are shared to educate on the process and evolution of Maritime Park and surrounding communities. Explore the challenges that were overcome and various details that were integrated into this design.