2021 Sustainable Town Planing

Welcome Message & Keynote

Commissioner Tim G. Echols,
Georgia Public Service Commission

What does Sustainability mean to you? Commissioner Tim Echols from the Georgia Public Service Commission educates on the advanced projects and technologies that Georgia has explored, and what elements create a sustainable community.

More Sessions

Innovative Technologies for Fortified Construction

In the wake of extreme weather events, it is clear that new design standards and innovative building solutions are needed to protect communities from the impacts of climate change. This session covers new methods of fortified construction.

Green Builder Media: Housing Market Outlook

Homebuilding reaches new heights… Ms. Sara Gutterman provides an outlook on Housing Market Influences, Trends, Housing Demand Shifts, Building Industry Challenges, and much more. This session offers insight on the transformation that the housing sector is currently experiencing¬ with respect to COVID-19, emerging generations, and shifting consumer expectations.