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2020 Power Up Energy Expo

Keynote - Day 1

Brig. Gen. Patrice A. Melancon

Executive Director, Program Management Office, Tyndall Air Force Base

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More Sessions

Day 1: Session 3: Utility Partnerships for Energy Assurance

Military installations across the country are transitioning their utility systems and moving to implement Utility Privatization (UP). This structure offers many benefits to the installation. This session brings together Energy Service Companies and Utility Partners for a discussion around the benefits of UP with a variety of case studies.

Day 1: Session 5: Energy Management Case Studies

Energy fuels the mission and how we manage energy is more important than ever. The panel brings together experts from the Air Force, Veteran’s Administration, and Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) to highlight some recently completed projects and share some lessons learned and financing mechanisms to bring projects to fruition.

Day 1: Session 4: Resilient Construction Standards

In the wake of extreme weather events such as Hurricane Michael and Super Storm Sandy, it is clear that new design standards and innovative building solutions are needed to protect military installations from the impacts of climate change. This session covers the new building requirements and new methods of fortified construction.

Day 2: Session 2: Exploring Energy Resiliency at Tyndall Air Force Base

In the wake of Hurricane Michael, Congress doubled-down on its commitment to build Tyndall back better and stronger than before. This requires a new paradigm shift a break from traditional design and construction. This session brings together thought leaders from the federal labs and the local utilities to discuss new technologies to deliver energy resiliency for mission assurance.

Day 1: Session 2: Finance & Contract Acquisition

Building the “Base of the Future” requires coordination between different federal agencies to discuss contract vehicles and funding requirements. The sessions offers an in-depth discussion around the financial tools and financing structures that the Air Force uses to ensure mission requirements.