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2020 Power Up Energy Expo

Keynote - Day 1

Brig. Gen. Patrice A. Melancon

Executive Director, Program Management Office, Tyndall Air Force Base

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Day 1: Keynote

At the direction of the Secretary of the Air Force, General Melançon is leading a team to program and prepare to execute nearly $3 billion in funding to construct a digitally connected, 21st century Air Force base capable of supporting up to three squadrons of F-35s and one squadron of MQ-9s. This session offers a timely discussion around current mission priorities at Tyndall AFB followed by a Q&A session.

Day 2: Session 1: Technology’s Role in the “Base of the Future”

In this high-anticipated session, you will learn the Air Force’s plans to turn Tyndall Air Force Base into the “Base of the Future” and a model for other military installations. This session is moderated by Tyndall’s Program Management Office and will feature a number of innovative technologies and solutions to elevate the mission at Tyndall.

Day 1: Closing Keynote

Mr. Brian Stahl serves as the Deputy Base Civil Engineer for the 25th Civil Engineer Squadron at Tyndall Air Force Base. Check out this session and hear a first-hand account and status update on various reconstruction efforts and mission priorities at Tyndall AFB.

Day 2: Opening Keynote

Ms. Jennifer L. Miller serves as the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Installations, Environment and Energy. We are so fortunate to have her join us and offer her unique perspective. Be sure to check out this informative session and the Q&A that follows

Day 2: Session 2: Exploring Energy Resiliency at Tyndall Air Force Base

In the wake of Hurricane Michael, Congress doubled-down on its commitment to build Tyndall back better and stronger than before. This requires a new paradigm shift a break from traditional design and construction. This session brings together thought leaders from the federal labs and the local utilities to discuss new technologies to deliver energy resiliency for mission assurance.